For whom is this project?

Are you a singer with collegiate-level voice study or significant private study with operatic or other musical theater and solo experience? Might you be a voice music teacher? Are you a “rising young professional” who’s been out of school for a time and wants more experience? Are you in school now and looking for a summer program? Then this program is for you!

How is the Denver Opera Collective funded?

  • Individual gifts and donations
  • DOC Membership Fees
  • Ticket Sales
  • Fundraising concerts
  • Online crowdfunding campaigns and other fundraising activities
  • Partnering with businesses like Barnes and Noble & Panera Bread
  • Public workshops given by members (performance practice, audition rep, stage make-up, etc)

When are the next round of auditions?

Information about auditions can be found on our Audition Information page.

Opera is so competitive! Do I have a chance of getting in?

If you audition with us, we anticipate that you will be appropriately cast.