For whom is this project?

  • A singer with college-level classical vocal training/performance experience:
    • years of classical vocal study as an adult (private study, major, minor, Masters, DMA)
    • a working church soloist/section leader
  • A singer not currently enrolled in a university voice program (faculty are welcome)
  • A singer willing to commit to performances AND assist in production
    • This project is “singer-produced”- every member will be part of committee(s) to handle fundraising, costuming, sets, and marketing
    • ALL who audition (up to the limit of 40 singers) will receive either a main role or a scenes role + opera chorus. Casting will be done by the directors, not the singers; therefore, no one is guaranteed or promised a main role.
  • A singer who is considered a “Rising Professional.”
    • you are a year or two out of school and want more experience
    • finances didn’t work out this year for an expensive, distant summer program
    • you are a soprano (sorry, we kid!)– there just wasn’t enough room this season for you
    • you are preparing for a big audition tour in the fall, but still want to perform this summer
    • everything is going great with your career, but you are free this summer and want to support this local venture!


How much did producing the 2016 season cost?

Costs: The costs for the season include 2 orchestral performances of the main opera, 1 piano performance of the opera, and 2 scenes performances with piano.

$4805: Orchestra Musicians and Collaborative Pianist (including sitzprobe, orchestra dress, dress, and two performances)
$3100: Artistic staff
$703.50: Venues (for performance and rehearsals)
$1368.87: Administration (web hosting and printing fees for marketing and programs)
$707: Fundraisers (pianist, partnering with venue)
$518.33: Costumes

TOTAL COST: $11,902.70

Revenue: to come from singers’ tuition, ticket sales, and donations from Fractured Atlas, Kickstarter, and our “Preludes at the Preservery” luncheon concert.

TOTAL REVENUE: $13,449.20

From our Pre-Season Goals: “If we have a registration/tuition structure that asks that each performer raise or contribute between $200 and $500, depending on level of casting, with a minimum of 30 singers, we could raise a little over $10,000. With an expected surplus from ticket sales and fundraising, we hope to set up capital to continue subsequent seasons and lower the cost to the singer.” Thank You to those who donated and came to performances to help us meet our goal!!

How do you plan to fund the season?

  • Online crowdfunding campaign
  • Partnering with businesses like Barnes and Noble and Panera Bread, which have active fundraising partnerships with other local arts groups
  • A letter-writing campaign to local businesses
  • Selling ads in our programs
  • Fundraising recitals
  • Silent auctions or raffles
  • Public workshops given by members (performance practice, audition rep, stage make-up, etc)

When are the next round of auditions?

Updated information about auditions can be found on our Season page or Sing With Us page.

Opera is so competitive! Do I have a chance of getting in?

If you audition with us, you will be guaranteed a cover or scene + main-stage chorus assignment OR a main-stage role.